Tucson Estate Sales & Trusts

Tucson Estate SalesWe advise spouses who have experienced a loss of their partner in life, and heirs who have inherited property that they may not know what to do with.  The solutions range from doing nothing today to immediate liquidation, and multiple solutions in-between.  How survivors and heirs handle real property that they’ve inherited is a sensitive process, memories and life experiences can be powerful attachments to the places that they control through ownership.

The potential of tax consequences must be considered to preserve family wealth that has built up over time.  We offer help with the tasks that need to be carried out from Tucson estate sales —the liquidation of possessions— to consultation with real estate attorneys and CPA’s, and even the sale of the real property itself, or the preservation of the property for the future use of the heirs.

If you are ready to sell a property and you plan to sell the contents as well, our local Tucson estate sales professionals who sell personal property items in a home, estimate that from 200 to 2000 people will come through to “shop” an Estate Sale.  Everyone who passes through a house might be in the market to buy a home, or possibly know someone who wants a home like the one you want to sell.  Estate Sales offer one of the best opportunities for maximum exposure of your home to more potential buyers than during any other time.  Timing and coordination are crucial to maximize the opportunity of a favorable sale.

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