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Oro Valley Real EstateOro Valley real estate and properties are in demand because Oro Valley is one of the most popular suburbs of Tucson, Arizona.  Oro Valley is at the base of Pusch Ridge and west of the Santa Catalina Mountains. To the north, you will find the Tortolita Mountains and to the south, you will find the Tucson valley. Oro Valley real estate is valuable in part because the area is a major tourist destination.  In addition, there is an emerging biotech industry including pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, and electronic technologies.

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Oro Valley is experiencing a boom with significant increases in construction and development.  The region is populated with a variety of housing styles including luxury homes, family homes, retirement communities, condominiums, and townhouses.  Some Oro Valley real estate and properties include grand mountain views of the Santa Catalina, Tortolita, and Tucson Mountains.  Prices vary depending on size, location, and local market trends.

If you are looking for a home or an investment property to add to your portfolio you can use our free online search. You can also call us for expert advice.   Our team has a proven record of success in matching clients with the perfect dream home.  With in-depth knowledge of the local market and exceptional negotiation skills, we can facilitate the entire home buying process from beginning to end.   Before you buy Oro Valley real estate, be sure to call us for consultation so that you can make an informed decision.

Oro Valley Market Statistics

  • 508583.17,512884.78,509504.51,501190.30,485287.56,495786.04,519784.83,505516.91,538759.06,547501.92,559838.37,547376.32
  • 381735.40,387783.30,347181.98,388794.95,375866.73,462586.02,394496.54,391664.33,492784.24,432735.45,450058.95,410670.48
  • 352395.95,353605.62,337691.58,348482.14,332463.73,347217.04,377155.77,329176.23,335531.65,349401.37,336849.76,374047.60
  • 341256.83,344144.52,328790.17,344062.65,326072.49,338380.56,367724.23,323638.68,327608.43,341103.65,328579.53,365927.32

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